What about Google?

FAQ #42: “What’ll happen to Slideless when Google decides to get into Digital Pathology?”

There are lots of versions of this question. Won’t Artificial Intelligence come to dominate imaging and diagnostics? Doesn’t Google have limitless Big Data capabilities? Aren’t you just reselling Cloud infrastructure?

There are two myths here. The first is the myth of monopoly: a dominant vendor restricts the competitive marketplace, crushes innovators, game over.

Yelp doesn’t think so – though Google is responsible for most of Yelp’s traffic, Yelp helped convince the EU to slap a $2.7B antitrust fine on Google.

The second myth is inevitability – Moore’s Law is relentless, anything humans can do, machines can do betterfastercheaper. This is why Henry Ford didn’t get into the horse and buggy business.

It’ll be many years before the marketplace accepts robomedicine – if ever. One Johns Hopkins researcher dismissed AI out of hand, “You can’t sue a machine.”

In the meantime, path departments will continue to deliver Ground Truth, attack Turn Around Time, and leverage legacy investments in digital pathology systems.

Imaging Analytics empower anatomic pathologists to handle their crushing workload. Algorithms are power tools to help deliver Productivity, Profitability, and Precision.

Algorithm developers that join the Slideless AppStore get a robust, secure, high-performance pixel pathway – and a superior Virtual Microscope – free of charge.

Dewalt, Snapon, and Fanuc never eclipsed Ford.

Microscopia ad nubes,


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