• Enterprise software to manage the Whole Slide Image (WSI) lifecycle.
  • Seamless integration with legacy scanners, PACS, and LIS systems.
  • Intuitive, high-performance Whole Slide Image (WSI) viewer.


  • Telemedicine – anatomic pathology across campus or across the globe.
  • Collaboration – Multi-headed mode for real-time presentation and annotation.
  • Computer Aided Diagnostics – speeds diagnostic discovery and batch processing.

Universal Access

  • Responsive design across desktop, tablet, and handheld browsers.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) integration for authentication and access control.
  • Complete session journaling, saves all user interaction for auditing / education.

Flexible Filesystem

  • Simple drag-and-drop upload of native WSI file formats, plus JPEG, PNG, TIFF, e.g.
  • Organize slides into collections by organ-system, physician, case, or curriculum.
  • Bookmarking saves areas of interest to re-open later for review and case summaries.

Analytics Appstore

  • Cloud-based GPU acceleration of 3rd-Party and LDT imaging algorithms.
  • Interactive, chaining, sequencing, batch mode, and analyze-on-upload mode.
  • Host 3rd-Party analytics for free; powerful monetization features.

Open Extensibility

  • Customizable look & feel, for pixel-perfect integration with legacy software tools.
  • Workflow integration features provide compatibility, sign-out/sign-in, and metadata.
  • No “HIPAA compliance tax” – industrial-grade security and robustness.


  • Zero incremental CapEx for Anatomical Pathology viewing equipment.
  • Low annual OpEx for storage and networking, as compared to glass.
  • Decrease physical asset storage, retrieval, shipping, and tracking.


  • Reduce Turn Around Time, fixed and variable costs, exceptions and error rates.
  • Improved productivity and profitability, allowing labs to develop new revenue streams.
  • Pathology-as-a-Service – true Labless Pathology – read slides anytime, anywhere.

Click Here to demo the Digital Pathology Management System. Sign up for a free account, upload Whole Slide Images, or use the sample WSIs provided. The usual disclaimers apply.

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