These signs show that your body is slowly deteriorating and aging

As we get older in life, our body slowly begins to deteriorate. There is no way to prevent this, but only accept it. When this begins to occur, our body does begin to give us signs that we’re getting up there.

The good news is that there are ways we can prevent our bodies from showing us that we are getting up there in age. Not only can you prevent these signs from showing, but it will also make you healthier and help you gracefully age.

Dry Skin

When people look at you, the first thing they see is your face/skin. So those who do not take proper care of their skin will often experience. To prevent this you will want to constantly moisturize your skin. The best way to moisturize and make your skin function properly, add avocados, olive oil and butternut squash to your diet.

Itchy/Scarring Skin

You might not be able to spot this common sign at first. It may seem like dry skin, but it could also be a genetic condition called Psoriasis. This condition is not contagious and can only be inherited. You cannot cure this condition, but you can try to prevent it.

For some, it may not be Psoriasis, but the easiest way to treat it is to ensure that your diet has sufficient vitamin C. Adding grapefruit, kale and red peppers into your diet will either aid your ongoing psoriasis or even go as far as to prevent it from occurring.

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Brittle Nails

You can tell if a person is healthy or gracefully aging by the type of nails they have. Someone who is healthy will have strong nails, but someone whose body is deteriorating will have brittle nails. Usually this is caused by a lack of vitamin B and calcium. To strengthen your nails, start including avocados, almonds, collard greens, and citrus fruits into your diet. In order to see a full recovery, you need to consume these essential foods as often as possible.

Blood Inside the Mouth

Usually this sign occurs because you are not taking good care of your gums, teeth and mouth. But it can also be caused by a lack of vitamin C.

To prevent this, you need to start taking care of every aspect of your mouth. There is a lot of bacteria that sits in your mouth, so practicing proper oral hygiene and adding vitamin C sources such as kale and red peppers will also help.


The definition of insomnia is a condition where the person is unable to sleep. At times this can be in direct correlation with stress. However, it can also be a sign that you are lacking certain vitamins and minerals, specifically magnesium. The best way to treat this is to try and find time to relax your body and add magnesium into your diet.


Everyone experiences this sign. When you get that urge to leap out of your seat and grab something salty and savory, you just can’t shake it. People who tend to crave salty foods are lacking chloride.

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The good news is that there are certain foods that contain chloride and other healthy minerals. Celery contains chloride, and you can also add lemon to your water instead of drinking something sweet. Try substituting chips and candy for fruits and vegetables. You could see a drastic change in your cravings if you can manage this.

Forgetting Things

As we age, so does our brain. You might not think anything of it, but when you start to forget names and dates of people and things that are important to you, it might be more than just being a forgetful person.

There is a saying that says “If you don’t use the brain, it goes to waste,” there may be some truth behind that. You need to keep your mind sharp, it’s like people who do not exercise.

The minute they try and go for a run they’re out of breath because they haven’t kept their body in shape. Same goes for your brain, if you don’t use it enough, it will begin to lose its effect.

Aches and Pains

This sign plays in the same deck of cards as forgetting things. Your bones and muscles can only strengthen themselves for so long until they begin to deteriorate.

When you start to feel pain in your back and legs when you wake up or sit down, it’s a direct sign that your muscles and bones are weak. The best way to start reversing this sign is to exercise on a daily basis and have a healthy diet.

The more action your bones, joints and muscles get, the more flexible and stronger they become. Also feeding them the proper vitamins and minerals will help them withstand the pain endured through physical exercise.

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